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Welcome to the Richmond Guardian Angels

AKA RVA Guardian Angels


To assist the community during patrols and disasters many of us are certified in CPR, first aid and AED as Richmond CERT Members. Our training also consist of physical fitness and self defence/martial arts for individuals who want to join the patrol team. Our first response to an altercation is to use our verbal communications skills to defuse the situation, however, we must be prepared should a situation become hostile, hense the need for physcial training.

Junior Guardian Angels



The future of our communities is truly built on the training, guidance and security of our youths. The Richmond Guardian Angels youth program provide youths with practical and revelent skills for survival in the urban wildness.  Our youths participate in debates, self-defence and more.

They also participate in Street Clean ups

Guardian Angels from Baltimore, New York and D.C. joinged us here in Richmond for our 1 year anniversary on June 19th, 2011.


Youth Memorial


In addition to the Richmond Guardian Angels working with Parks & Rec. and the community to have signs placed around the Gabriel Prosser Freedom Park and a memorial stone showing the name of the park and what it stands for, we are now working on a youth memorial to be placed in the park in rememberence of youth killed due to violence in the northside of Richmond.


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