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The Alliance of Guardian Angels is a non-profit 501c3 founded in 1979 in New York City.  Our mission is to provide positive role models for todays youth and to work towards promoting community safety and betterment for the good of society overall.  We acomplish our mission through training volunteers who are multi-racial to be effective as visual deterrents patrolling the streets in communities around the world.  Our emphasis is on coordinating a variety of community based services, programs and activities to speak and fight against violence, crime and drugs.


To assisst the community with aid during patrols and disasters, many of us are certified in CPR, AED and CERT.  Our training also consist of physical fitness, Self Defense and Martial Arts.  Our first response to an altercation is to use verbal communications skills to defuse the situation, however, we must be prepared should the situation become hostile, hence the need for physical training. 


Outside of patrolling the streets, our community service activities include community clean ups, which the Junior Guardian Angels participate in, neighborhood watch coordinating, COP walks to speak with community members about their concerns, coordinating communty events, and more.


In addition the Richmond Guardian Angels works with Parks & Rec. to bring positive changes to community parks.  We worked with Parks & Rec. and the community to get signs and a memorial stone in the Gabriel Prosser Freedom Park.  We are now working on a youth memorial in the park to remember youths that were killed due to violence.


We work with several prominent organizations to bring a breast cancer walk to the city the 2nd Saturday in June annually.  Those organizers include VCU/Massey Cancer Center, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, VA Cancer Foundation, Bon Secours, Cross Over Ministry, Capital Area Health Network, and 7th District Health Initiative. This is not a 5K or 10K walk, it's a door-to-door, face-to-face walk to dissimilate information and urge people to get mammograms when the time is due.  In 2013, we also worked with 8 churches.


The future of our communities is truly built upont the training, guidance and security of our youths.  The Richmond Guardian Angels youth program provide youth with practical and reverent skills for survival in the urban wilderness.  The youths in the program are called Junior Guardian Angels.  They participate in community clean ups, debates, self-defense classes, and more.


There are several things we would like to see from the efforts of the Richmond Guardian Angels Chapter.  We would like to see a continued marked reduction in crime in the communities where we patrol.  We look forward to seeing our youths grow into responsible, productive adults.  We want to see our elderly neighbors be able to walk the streets with no fears, we want to see families take their small children to the parks without worries of their children seeing drug activities.  All these things are happening ..........the bottom line is.......we're taking our streets back!



For more information on the National Guardian Angels organization please visit:

Richmond Guardian Angels Mission Statement


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