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A poem by Tommy “Conqueror” Cox


A Time When We Use To Care


There was a time when we used to care

warmth, smiles, loving each other every where

chocolate children creeping around the park

our doors open after 12am, we were not afraid of the dark

sisters respected themselves and wouldn’t let you call them a bad name

friendship and love made you feel good and it wasn’t just another game

mothers made sure that all the neighbor’s’ children were fine

If you needed sage advice the old schools always had time

delicious food saturated the entire block

trust and friendship was as solid as a rock

house parties every Friday night

a sister may not be dressed freakish, she was still a beautiful sight

naturals fixed in every style

there was violence, bur compared to today it was mild

drugs hit our community and tore us all apart

now there is no hope without a brand new start

yes, there was a time when we used to care

now feelings like this has only become a dare

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