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May 15, 2021


Join us on this walk of reflection

America was built by enslaved peopleThey built the US Capitol. They built Wall Street. They built the White House. Slavery wasn’t just some kind of unfortunate regional quirk—it was an economic engine for the entire country. Then Jim Crow laws brought a century of state-sponsored terror against Black people intending to maintain the prewar racial hierarchy.


The past matters. There’s a direct line from slavery to the fact that the average Black family has only 10 cents for every dollar held by the average white family. There’s a direct line from slavery to the fact that Black people, while only 13% of the overall population, make up 40% of the prison population. Slavery isn’t something from the distant past—its impact is felt and seen right now, particularly by Black Americans, every single day.


Join us on the Slave Trail as we recognize these disadvantages that Black America still has today and pay homage to some of the organizations that provide assistance to those impacted by systematic imprisonment.

The first 40 walkers will receive fish dinners that include 2 sides, desert, a roll and a drink curtesy of Friends of William Burnette for Sheriff. The next 40 will receive fish dinners with 1 side and 2 hush puppies curtesy of Transforming Todays Youth (TTY).


Sign up to walk with us today at

May 15, 2020

Registration starts 9:30AM

Opening welcome and comments start at 11:00AM

Walk starts at 11:00AM

Directions from 95: Take Maury Street Exit. Make a right at the light onto Maury. Continue around the bend to go under 95, the street turns into Brander Street. Continue down Brander St to the end where the road turns left into the docks parking area.

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