Join us on this walk of reflection to…

Raise awareness about the plight of people leaving incarceration. What happens when a person goes to prison? They lose one of the most precious things they can have.... their freedom. They are now slaves of the ward. After they have paid their debts to society, what's supposed to happen? Their freedom is supposed to be restored to them. When they walk out of the jail, they are free.......or are they? 


Recognize the solution providers who help ex-offenders. What do ex-offenders do when they get out of jail with no family, no friends, no home, no food, and no work? Where do they go? The answer to that question is.... solution providers. Solution providers help ex-offenders with housing, food and employment. When someone gets out of incarceration and they apply for the same job that non-offenders apply for, or try to get the same apartment, their application is often times immediate dismissed because they have a record. How can someone be free if they are not free to get a job and not free to live in a decent place?


Offer resources to previously incarcerated people at the Richmond Justice Center and offer resources to public school students.


Come out and reflect with us on our next walk           

NOVEMBER 16, 2019

Registration starts at 8:30AM

Opening serimony starts at 9:30AM

Walk starts at 10:00AM